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Art therapy Session

Art therapy is a healing method, which can include physical, psychological, social and spiritual activities and is therefore useful to open up your creativity in relation to different needs and a good alternative to more traditional and verbal treatment of children and adults today.

The Art-Therapy Session is an space created to re-connect with your soul and from there the source of your creativity emerges.

I’m interested in art used therapeutically, as catharsis and as an instrument of self-knowledge. Working with different techniques of art, meditation and inner-energetic exercises to go heal conflicts and emotional blockages. Group and private sessions.

“If a certain kind of activity, such as a painting, becomes the habitual mode of expression, it may follow that taking up the painting materials and beginning work with them will act suggestively and so presently evoke a flight into the higher state”.

                                                    Robert Henri, The Art Spirit, 1923.


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