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Irisol  intimate exhibition in my art studio in Ibiza.

                                                 Video by Sohar Villegas

Irisol is a research work between art and therapy, through the unification of visual work in small format. The drawings, paintings, photographs and woodcut that make up irisol are into a handmade fabric envelope and included in boxes with a manual instruction. The fact of placing the pictures in an envelope and into a box proposes to the viewer, a way of play, touch open and enter inside the box, not only being a spectator of the work but feeling it.

The second video shows some of the images of Irisol and is a performer game of being a girl, a woman and to play roles; it’s about order and disorder, color and light, opening and closing, entering and leaving, day to day … The video below was made by Sohar Villegas and me with the stop motion and pixilation technique.



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