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Photo shoot by Benoit Parisot and Vincent Curien for Tanit Dreams Festival@ 2017. Art direction: Analia Varela and Li Ramet.

Tanit Dreams * The Creative Festival for Women : 

I am a constant dreamer.

I can be a butterfly,

I can be a girl,

I can be a dancer,

I can be a mother,

I can be lover,

I can be a flower,

a crystal,

a snail,

I can be a shaman,

Poet artist,

I can be a woman,

I am all this and I am one, MYSELF.

                                                                                                                                   Li Ramet



Photo: Benoit Parisot.  by @Tanit Dreams

Tanit Dreams *Creative Festival for Women* Ibiza 2017,  work in progress…Have a look at our web  Tanit Dreams Festival



Co-Creator and graphic designer in this beautiful project,  to be held on 2 to 5 of June in Ibiza  2016 Tanit Dreams Festival

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